Episode 11 - Bread & Milk

We had a record-breaking week for new Facebook likes and give shout-outs to all our new followers and listeners.  Jay has a rant about pharmaceutical companies monopolizing the market and raising prices.  We poke fun at people who rush to the store before a storm is forecast to hit Kansas.  Bobby tells another jail story, and Jay opens a package that could potentially change his life.

A Merry Christmas BJ - Don We Now Our Jay Apparel

Congratulations to the first winner of our set of Dr. Squatch soap giveaway contests, Jason Jahnke!  In this special Christmas episode, we attempt our first podcast without the full crew (Bobby B couldn't make it).  We drop some knowledge about the origins of St. Nick and Krampus.  Jay shares more life-hacks, and we discuss more button options that Facebook should have.